This project is 1 day old, watch it growing coders …


Game of War (Flesh Sim Breakdown)

I was hired to do some rigging and sim for Game of War cinematic by Brainzoo Studio, so this is some of the breakdowns for flesh simulation. It was all done in 3 weeks, so had to rig and sim in that short timing..


I worked with Gientsteps team on this project for rigging works, it was a fun project and new challenge …

Project Review

It’s almost 9 years that I’m freelancing now. I think it’s time to show some techniques and tricks I used in my setups. I have this idea of reviewing projects, in some fast speed videos in my channel, then share samples of them, and also plan to teach how to make the rigs the way I rigged them. So hey guys hang in there, I’m gonna update with some cool videos soon ..

Video Channel

I’m going to upload many tech videos and tutorials in my Vimeo Channel, so if you’re interested to get some tutorials and project reviews about rigging and technical art please follow my channel here: